Navigating a hard market in insurance requires careful communication to maintain trust. This guide highlights ten phrases agents should be using with insureds, as they maintain professionalism and commitment during challenging market conditions.


1. “I am sorry to have to share these increases with you.”

Nothing deescalates an angry or upset person more than a simple “I am sorry”.


2. “We have reviewed your insurance and have the following recommendations.”

This is the time to sell higher deductibles and telematics. Explain the coverages, and make sure the client knows what their insurance covers. 

3. “We received your renewal today and I would like to set a time to discuss it with you.”

Do not wait for customers to call you. Get in front of your renewals and be proactive.   

4. “We are in the process of reviewing your file for your upcoming renewal and wanted to set a time to review a couple things with you.”

You will be surprised what you will learn when you do an end-to-end review of everything with your clients…especially those clients you have insured for a few years.


5. “I understand and share your concerns. I personally saw a $_ increase in my own policies.”

Show empathy for their situation by sharing your own story.

6. “I know you personally have not had any claims, but unfortunately the insurance industry since 2021 has seen unprecedented conditions causing the price of insurance to increase.”

Take the time to explain the impact of inflation on insurance and the situation regarding weather in your region.    


7. “We have compared your current insurance program to other options and here is what we determined.”

As an independent agent, your value is representing multiple companies. Even if the options are not favorable, share the results and let the client know you have taken the time to shop for them. 

8. “Here are some additional coverages I want to make sure you know are available.”

Several new coverages have become available over the past few years. Make sure your clients know about Service Line, Matching Roof/Siding, Water Seepage, New Car Replacement, etc. If you don’t share, another agent will and you might have an E&O exposure if a claim occurs.      

9. “Good Morning/Good Afternoon…How can I help?”

Too many agents are hiding from their clients and not answering their phones or returning phone calls. Now is the time to build rapport.

10. “Thank you and we appreciate you being a client of our agency.”

You cannot tell your clients “thank you” enough. 

Effective communication is crucial in a hard market. By maintaining proper communication that continually builds trust, agents can position themselves as reliable advisors. Maintaining proper communication reinforces the importance of the agent-client relationship in overcoming the challenges of the insurance market.

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