Updating Your Resume

September is National Update Your Resume Month and I’ve decided to offer some quick tips on why you should update yours. Taking the time to update your resume is important to work into your monthly to-do list. You can spend a lot of time or a little of time updating your resume. You never know when your next career opportunity will occur so having an updated resume can help you during crunch time.
Why Updating Your Resume is Important
Erin Greenawald from The Muse states that keeping your resume updated can help you in the following ways:
  • It allows you to present yourself as an expert.
  • If someone wants to nominate you for something, you won’t scramble to make sure you haven’t sold yourself short.
  • Freelance opportunities or work collaborations.
  • Recruiter attention for dream jobs.
  • Promotions for work.
  • Potential layoffs or firings – It will help immediately kickstart your job search.
Why Updating Your LinkedIn is Important
Another aspect of updating your resume involves updating your LinkedIn. It’s best to use your print resume as your guide to updating your LinkedIn. William Arruda, Forbes, offers these reasons to keep your LinkedIn profile updated:
  • Million of Members – Today, LinkedIn is so common that if you aren’t on it, you might be negatively affecting your professional career.
  • Google Searches – If someone does a quick search for your name, LinkedIn will normally show up in the top 5 listings.
  • Assisting Research Efforts – If you’re connecting with people, applying for jobs, etc., people will always be searching for you to learn more about you.
  • Resources – LinkedIn has amazing resources available to every user. Whether it’s asking a question to your professional peers, publishing an article, or attending a free webinar you saw an ad for, LinkedIn can help your education thrive.
  • Updated News – Many company’s use LinkedIn for company updates, events, and general news. By connecting with companies on LinkedIn, you can stay in the know with your favorite companies.
  • Constant Connection – By having a LinkedIn profile and actually using it, you can keep your connection with professionals without trying hard. A simple update will potentially reignite a conversation with someone you connected to months ago.
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