Navigating a hard market in insurance requires careful communication to maintain trust. This guide highlights ten phrases agents should avoid saying to insureds, as they may undermine professionalism and commitment during challenging market conditions.


1. “I have been so busy requoting other customers…”

You might as well tell your client they are not important.


2. “We have been swamped and I will get to you as soon as I can.”

Sounds like you need some help and maybe a better process for handling customer service.   

3. “Everyone is seeing an increase in their premiums.”

While maybe true, you are providing no advice to your client.  As independent agents, we need to market ourselves as the “trusted advisor.”   

4. “We can definitely find you a cheaper rate.”

Never a good idea, even in the best of markets.  Sell on price, lose on price.


5. Nothing

Too many agents are hiding from their clients and not answering their phones.  Bad, bad idea.

6. “You know…the cost of everything is going up.”

True, but not helpful.  Maybe take a minute and explain how inflation impacts their premiums.    


7. “All of our companies are taking increases.”

As an independent agent, we always have options.   This is the time to sell higher deductibles and telematics, explain coverages, and make sure our clients know our value as independent agents. 

8. “I told you that filing a claim will cause your insurance to increase.”

Be careful.  Never blame an insured for filing claims.          

9. “I don’t know the answer to your question.”

It is fine to say “I do not know,” but always follow with “I will find out and get back with you.”

10. “We do not have any other options to offer you.”

You just told your client, please shop your insurance.

Effective communication is crucial in a hard market. By steering clear of statements that diminish trust, agents can position themselves as reliable advisors. Avoiding these pitfalls reinforces the importance of the agent-client relationship in overcoming the challenges of the insurance market.

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