Marketing Services


There are several marketing design services available through The Insurance Connection Marketing Department. These services are available for a fee that will be billed upon completion to your monthly bill on the SIAA Reports and Payments System. Below are several examples of the services available for purchase. If you are interested in commissioning a project, download the Marketing Services Request Form. Once the form is completed it can be sent to to begin the process.

The additional cost and act of printing, mailing, postage and posting on social media remains the responsibility of the agency. Referrals for printers and other fulfillment services are available upon request. The fees below are for creation of the digital file only.

Post Card


Includes 2 Revisions

Post Card Examples

Business Card


Includes 2 Revisions

Business Card Examples

Flyer from Template


Includes 1 Revision

Flyer from Template Examples

Custom Flyer


Includes 2 Revisions

Custom Flyer Examples

Help Setting Up a Company Social Media Page (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)


**You must already have a personal profile/page set up on Facebook and/or LinkedIn in order to have a page set up.**

4 Pack of Social Media Graphics


No Revisions

Social Media Graphics Examples