Need to Know: Parking Lot Perils

Parking lots are a danger that many people overlook. Often times you will see people not paying attention in both cars and out of cars. Below is information about the different perils in parking lots and tips on how to stay safe. Share these with your customers so they know how to keep themselves and their families safe.
Parking Lot Perils
  • Pavement – Potholes and cracks can be a hazard due to tripping. Someone could end up with a sprained ankle, falling, and other injuries.
  • The Flow of Traffic – If a parking lot doesn’t have clear signs, make sure to be extra cautious. Without clear direction, there could be potential confusion on where people are allowed to drive etc.
  • Lighting – Some parking lots don’t have proper lighting which could become a very dangerous situation. If you are in a parking lot at night, try to park near a light pole. This could help prevent injury or another person/car from running into you.
  • Snow & Ice – During the winter months, be prepared for snow and ice buildups. You could end up falling or even damaging your car if it starts to slide on ice.
  • Parking Garages – Be careful when using these because of the numerous hiding areas for criminals. If available ask someone to walk you to your car, otherwise, call someone until you’re safely in your vehicle and leaving the garage.
  • Texting – If you are walking or driving in a parking lot, do not use your phone to text people. You should be alert at all times in case of the inevitable. Put the phone down until you are safely in the park gear with the car turned off.
  • Know Your Surroundings – You would be surprised by how many accidents are caused because people simply didn’t see something. This is either because they truly didn’t see it or they didn’t check their surroundings. Always use your mirrors and turn your head to look around you before moving your vehicle.