LinkedIn Quick Tips

Your LinkedIn profile can tell someone a lot about you and your expertise. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, I recommend making one today. By using LinkedIn, you can instantly connect with people in a professional manner. Check out our various tips for your LinkedIn profile and a few other ideas as well.

LinkedIn Profile Basics

Nailing the basic LinkedIn profile is necessary to using LinkedIn properly. If you just create a LinkedIn and don’t utilize it, you’re only harming yourself. Start with these tips to create a stellar LinkedIn:
  1. Professional Picture of Just You
  2. Explain How You Help Your Customers
  3. Add Skills & Endorsements (Ask other professionals for endorsements.)
  4. Make it Easy for Someone to Communicate
  5. Post Articles via Long Form Publishing
  6. Don’t Join ONLY Insurance Groups, Try Others to Connect with More Professionals
  7. Don’t Sell in Groups
  8. Message Occasionally
  9. Actively Build Your Network

Building Your Company Page

After you have your profile in tip top shape, you might consider starting a company page. Once you’ve created your company page, you might realize you want to start advertising on LinkedIn. PropertyCasualty 360 recommends considering the following items:
  1. Ad Design: Keep in mind and consider professional advice if you want to start advertising. They can create custom ads that are very intriguing while following set guidelines.
  2. Defining the Target Audience: For every ad you create, define your target audience. This helps make sure your ad is being displayed to the person who you want as a customer!
  3. Payment: Keep in mind that LinkedIn ads are more expensive but the ROI could be higher.

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