How to Use LinkedIn Daily

Recently we’ve had a lot of agents (including ourselves) who want to use LinkedIn more effectively. LinkedIn has become the ultimate social networking resource for professionals. When you make the leap to start using LinkedIn, you might realize that you don’t know how or currently are not utilizing LinkedIn to its full potential. We began to research how to effectively use LinkedIn daily. Below is a checklist for daily, weekly, and monthly LinkedIn use.
Daily LinkedIn Tasks
  • Interact with Homepage
  • Message/Connect with Profile Viewers
  • Add a Status Update
  • Comment/Like Connection Posts/Updates
Weekly LinkedIn Tasks
  • Post Something – More In-Depth than a Status Update
  • Add New Contacts
Monthly LinkedIn Tasks
  • Review & Update Profile
  • Join Groups & Contribute
  • Reach Out to Old Contacts
Good luck and if you want a more in-depth guide on creating a LinkedIn profile, email