How to Curate Content

Content curation is important to the fundamental marketing aspects of your company. Content curation is the task of collecting and sharing someone else’s content. This helps you to stay and appear active to your customers without dedicating yourself to creating your own content all the time.
Many organizations, especially small businesses, don’t think they have time to curate content because there are only a handful of people who work there. Well, what you might be surprised to hear is how easy content curation actually is. In fact, many companies geared to helping you curate say it’s as simple as 3 steps.
3 Step Content Curation Process
Step 1: Review & Gather Content – “FIND” Step
This is one of the harder steps due to the aspect that you have to research and find the content. We recommend using services such as Buzzsumo, Slideshare, Feedly, and Alltop. Hootsuite (which we have discussed in the past) has Hootsuite Syndicator which also helps Hootsuite users find and publish content very easily.
If you don’t like the services route, create a list in your favorites of go to websites. You can also subscribe to newsletters and check out RSS feeds for up to date content.
Step 2: Reformat Content – “USE” Step
Decide how you want to share the content you’ve found. You can use it as a blog post where you gather several pieces of content and mash them together (remember to properly cite!) and add your own information. You can also simply share them on Facebook, Twitter, and via email.
Step 3: Publish or Share Content – “SHARE” Step
After you’ve completed the FIND and USE steps, you can move onto the SHARE step. This is all about where you want to publish your content. Again you might only want to use some of the content in an email, but you can also share it on social media. Once USE is established, share your heart out!