How to Be a Social Media Ace

There is now a social media platform for just about everything. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and others, there are a myriad of platforms, and they all function in a slightly different way. How can an insurance business keep up?

Social media is important to everyday life. Each of the top platforms has millions, if not billions of users. LinkedIn users alone have grown 14% since the end of 2018, according to Hootsuite. The company also shared that 50% of the world’s population used social platforms in the past month. Those are some pretty incredible stats that illustrate why social media is such an incomparable networking tool.

For some, utilizing the different platforms can be daunting. But breaking down the task into simple steps can make it more manageable.

Essential Networking Tool

First, it’s important to remember that social media at its more, is social. When we connect with others online, especially in a professional capacity, they key is remembering the intended use of these platforms: to socialize with others. Your social media presence shouldn’t be vastly different from your in-person presence. The conversations you have, how you connect and why should all mimic in-person interactions.

That said, there are still some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when you write business posts for social media:

  • Don’t be the random person who asks someone to buy a product without first properly getting to know them first.
  • Do get to know people first before you start to pitch them something. In a normal social setting, people don’t tend to ask strangers for a big favor without first establishing a relationship. Keep that in mind as you’re growing your social presence.
  • Don’t be spammy.
  • Do be authentic.

Keep conversations and posts looking like they would in person. Don’t add a ton of hashtags, don’t use big salesy terms. Remeber, social media is social. There’s power in sharing authentic messages that read as they would in a casual conversation.

Start at the Beginning

The hardest part to managing a business’ social presence is simply getting started. So here’s a tip for crafting your posts: Think about what you personally like to read. What makes you interact with others on social media?

The quickest way to discover the answer is to start following people on the platform you’re using. Read and listen to others’ posts. What are they sharing? What can you bring to the conversation? Start there.

Know Your Audience

It would be a terrible business idea to pitch a company, idea or product to a group of people who are not the intended users. Social media should be treated the same way.

Be wary of sharing a heavy business pitch on a platform such as Facebook, which is intended to catch up directly with friends. Move that conversation over to LinkedIn where the audience is, by nature, business-oriented. Understanding the audience and their needs is so important because without it, the message gets lost. Remember: 50% of the world population uses social media, so tightening efforts to get in front of the right people is key to being successful.

Perfect Your Presence

After determining where the right place is to get the message out, it’s important to really become an expert on that social platform. The best way to do this is to start conversing, following others and sharing thoughts and ideas.

Think back to the other networking comparison: When you enter a room full of other insurance professionals, it’s generally poor taste to launch into a complaint about the latest business headache. Typically, it’s better to get to know others first, chat and find some common ground. Sometimes these conversations may lead to learning more about the other person’s work and how you can help. Other times, this type of networking is about building a solid relationship foundation. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that relationships are essential. Luckily, social media makes it easier to maintain and build relationships virtually.

Constant Communication

Consistency is key. Every site algorithm is different and pushes things to the top of the newsfeed for different reasons. But there’s one thing that’s certain: Without posting consistently, you will be forgotten on the platform.

Posting consistently not only makes your messaging top of mind for your audience, it also allows for a refined strategy. Maybe you shared something you thought everyone was going to like and comment on but you only received a few comments (and one was your mom!). Approach the problem like most anything else in life: If something isn’t working, refine your approach and try something new.

What’s Trending?

The last aspect to managing a social presence is staying up to date with trends. I’m not just talking about looking at what topics are trending. (Although, that’s a great place to start.) Keep an eye out for common threads. Maybe some are sharing a meme that’s common or sharing their experience on a certain aspect of their lives or careers. Jumping on a trend is a great way to join a conversation.

It’s crazy to think about a world where social media did not exist, and even more insane to think that was our world just 20 years ago. But when we use social media to our advantage, it can elevate our daily lives and more importantly it can significantly make growing a business easier.

And in 2021, we could all use a little more simplicity.

Article By: Carley Beckum

Source: National Underwriter