How Insurance Agents Can Provide Real Value

One of the most common frustrations I heard from insurance clients in my 15 years of insurance production was that the premium is too high.

If you are an insurance producer, you probably hear things like … “Can we get a better price?” “Can you do any better?” “Why is it so expensive?” “Why did the price go up.” “That’s way too much.”

I have discussed in previous blog posts about why all salespeople need to focus on selling “real value” and quit playing the price game.

Let’s be real though. Our society loves to price shop. They want to feel like they are getting the “best deal.”

Here’s the good news. They also like to buy things.

There is nothing sexy or exciting about insurance, but that’s not why people want (or need) to buy insurance.

In a nutshell, people buy insurance because they don’t want to lose money they have earned … period. They want to feel safe, secure, and confident you will be there at their time of need.

They don’t want to lose their property, their investments, their jewelry, their income, their business, or their livelihood.

Maybe that’s not exciting, but it sure seems important to me. Surely, buying insurance can’t just be about price? Of course not.

So, why are insurance salespeople so quick to drop their proverbial pants to find a better deal or a lower price?

Do you believe in the ‘real value’ you are providing?

Because most insurance producers don’t believe in the “real value” they are providing. They don’t believe in their product or service, company, or the value enough to have the customer fully buy in.

Most importantly, many insurance producers don’t put a high enough value on themselves.

If you don’t value yourself, rest assured your clients won’t raise the price.

If you sell your products or services like everyone else, you probably don’t have much value to offer anyway. That’s why you default back to price.

Insurance products can protect clients for thousands or even MILLIONS of dollars. Yet, it is often sold much like a basic item on a shelf (Thanks, Flo.)

If you are just getting a quote for someone, as in you are just collecting numbers and spitting them back out, you are no different from the other 15 agents in town. You are a commodity. You have no differential value. If you are really lucky, you may write the business … until they find someone cheaper.

So, how can insurance agents provide value?

Value is an overused term and often is sold in terms of the seller and not the buyer.

Fact: If you think something is valuable, but your customer doesn’t care, it isn’t valuable.

So what kind of things should you offer?

Before you start coming up with hundreds of items you think may be valuable to your customer, why don’t you take a step back for a minute and analyze the situation.

What do your customers really want? Do you know?

My guess is probably not.

Why don’t you ask them?

Starting today, make it a point to ask your customers what they value. Stop assuming what they want.

Talk to them in person, on the phone, via email, hold a luncheon, or use social media. Don’t send out some survey no one will complete. Just ask.

Find out what they really want!

  • Ask how you can best help them.
  • Listen intently.
  • Respond accordingly.
  • Solve their problems.

Yes, there will be people who will say they just want a lower price, but you may be surprised at other (non-price) issues.

You have an opportunity to rise above the murky waters of the price game. You just need to ask, listen, respond, and then start working your tail off.

If you are looking to build stronger relationships with your prospects and clients, you need to stop convincing and start connecting.

What value are you bringing to your clients?

Brent Kelly is a keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and certified partner with the John Maxwell Team. He provides inspirational and purposeful business growth for insurance professionals. You can connect with him at or email him at

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