How Employment Marketing Can Give Your Agency’s Entire Operation a Boost

Think about your interactions with financial services brands. You recall the conversations with people, and the help—or not—they gave you. Whether the products you buy are adequate does matter—but not as much as the experience.

Your agency might be getting by with standard insurance products. But if you want to grow, you need outstanding people.

So, why not lead with marketing your workers? Marketing coverage isn’t enough. Smart agencies primarily highlight their people. And they are specific about that, not generic. “We have great service” is weak.

Your employment brand—aka culture—is an important asset. And in high-per-forming firms, you can’t tell the difference between the internal and external brand. Because culture and brand emerge from the same strategy, the basic messaging is one and the same.

Everybody in your agency should understand how they contribute to culture and brand. They do so by embracing and living out your organization’s core values.

Exceptional workers inspire like-minded families and businesses to give you their business, repeatedly. And these workers inspire other great workers to want to join you. Good vibes and revenue follow the continuous lines of an infinity symbol—that is brand and culture. We call this: Branding from the inside out.

If you’re not sure where to start afresh with your marketing, ask yourself some honest questions:

  • What is your value proposition?
  • What do your people care about?
  • Why should people come to work at your organization?

Heavily incorporate the answers in all your marketing. Lean in. Tell stories. Showcase your people and encourage them to describe what it’s like to work at the agency. Bring the authentic culture alive. Are your colleagues cool, dynamic, enthusiastic, fun, intelligent or highly credentialed? Customers too can talk about your culture with stories and experiences of their own.

Choose one, two or three social media platforms and attack them with gusto. Don’t be shy. Post lots of photos, video and testimonials. Don’t ignore LinkedIn; if your firm isn’t there you are literally invisible to potential recruits.

If you’re spending money on recruitment ads, avoid industry jargon. Write about the job openings in ways recruits might find appealing. For help, check out Big “I” Hires at

While your employment marketing should differ from competing agencies based on your own set of core values, more generally speaking, you can tout three attractive qualities that resonate with today’s workers in their 20s and 30s.

First, insurance is a resilient, financially stable industry. In a world turned upside down by various events in the last 25 years—as long as many younger workers have been participants in the job market and even alive—stability is a plus.

Second, agencies can offer flexible and hybrid work environments by seizing on technology. That can be a game-changer for your team. Even if you’ve been a traditional “I want butts in seats” manager, isn’t that a doable compromise to retain great performers?

And third, agencies support local communities with civic and charitable projects and funding. Younger workers relish those good feelings. It’s not just about a paycheck.

These are all things your potential workers want, but they’re typically not aware that local agents and brokers can offer these benefits. It’s time to change that. Express loudly and proudly what it’s like to work at your firm—not just what your insurance products cover.

Article By: Laura Packard

Source: Big I Independent Agent