Digital Marketing Part 2 – Integrating Digital Marketing

We’ve helped to explain digital marketing in our first post here. Now, we understand that you might be left wondering where to start. has created a great guide that explains how you can implement digital marketing in your agency. While not all of these steps are necessary, we highly recommend following this process.

Step 1: Establishing the Foundation

  • Choose Your Market: Make a market selection based on size, wealth, competition, and your value proposition to them.
  • Define Keywords: Consider creating or strengthening your keyword list.
  • Define Success: Establish business objectives and determine what success is.
  • Define Core Metrics: Establish your core metrics based on your objectives. Make sure they are measurable and an accurate representation.
  • Set a Budget: Break down what you can afford each month for your digital marketing plan. This will help you allocate where and how much money you can spend on each segment.

Step 2: Social Media

  • Choose the Right Networks: There are numerous social media sites you can have your company make a presence on, but don’t try to be on all of them at one time. Consider your market when choosing which networks you choose to include in your digital marketing efforts.
  • Chose Posting Times: There isn’t a set format for when and how much to post on social media. Try to analyze when your profiles are receiving the most views and don’t over post (this can be annoying and put a bad taste in potential or even current customer’s mouths).
  • Target Keywords: Based on your defined keywords, focus your discussions on topics related to the keywords to maximize engagement.
  • Create an Influencer List:  Based on your list, try to connect with or mimic influencers (even if it is just sharing an article or two and adding your own comments). Typically, influencers can drive traffic if you begin interacting with them, their social profiles, or followers.

Step 3: Blogging

  • Modify: Blogging is essential to driving traffic to your website. Consider modifying your current site to add a blog feature if you do not already have one.
  • Organization: Before beginning your blog, consider setting up blog tags and categories to help you stay organized and on topics that relate to your keywords.

Step 4: Content Creation & Marketing

  • Create a Topic List: Look back at your keyword list and try to create various blog post topics. By using keywords, you can naturally boost your SEO and credibility.
  • Content Types: There are many different types of content your business can utilize online. When starting, consider the pros and cons of the various types and decide which ones will be most beneficial to your company.
  • Guest Blog: Try to find related blogs that seem to be influential and have a good following. Ask if they would like to guest blog on your site or share some items you have written.
  • Capture Emails: Try to always capture emails from your blog/website. Try utilizing opt-in forms, blog subscriptions, and newsletter subscriptions to grow your customer base.
Integrating digital marketing into your company’s marketing plan is integral for continuing your agency’s success. While word-of-mouth, cold calling, and printed ads are still regularly used marketing tactics, to gain new customers, look to the internet.
If you have any other suggestions or resources, please share them in the comments below. We would love to see what other agents are currently using to market on the internet.

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