Category: Prospecting

The Buying Journey

Acquiring a new customer is expensive. In 2014, Adam Klauber, an analyst from William Blair & Co., an investment bank and financial services company, determined that direct insurers …

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Demolishing Sales Roadblocks

Insurance sales professionals take pride in being good at what they do, and invest a lot of time and energy in staying on top of their professional game.

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Are You Listening to Your Clients?

How often do you take your clients’ feedback into account? You probably respond immediately to any requests they have about their policies. But are you as quick to …

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Scripting Your Success

Insurance industry icon and consultant Garry Kinder, along with his brother, Jack, trained me back in the 1980s. Garry says, “Ad-libs are for amateurs…All pros practice.”

In our …

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The New, New World

During the Age of Discovery, after Europeans made landfall in what would later be called the Americas, new trade routes brought new power, riches and wealth to the …

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The Agency’s Seven Deadly Traps

The Agency’s Seven Deadly Traps are the obstacles that most often undermine an agency’s ability to realize it’s Best Version Possible (BVP). Now I doubt that many agencies …

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