Avoiding Thanksgiving Insurance Claims

Agents, Thanksgiving is a popular time to see a rise in claims. Whether your customers are traveling to a destination or hosting Thanksgiving dinner themselves, make sure you share these tips to keep them safe during this holiday weekend.

7 Tips to Avoid Home Disasters

  1. Turn Off Appliances – If you are traveling for the weekend, consider turning off some of your major appliances. Washers, dryers, and dishwashers are common sources of fires, flooding/water damage, and other issues.
  2. Turn Off Your Water – If you expect cold temperatures and don’t want to leave your furnace running, try to turn off your water to prevent frozen pipes.
  3. Set Alarms – If you have a home alarm, make sure it is set before leaving. Also, ask someone you trust to check-in on your home while away.
  4. Door Locks – If your outside home doors don’t have a deadbolt, consider having one installed to add an extra layer of protection.
  5. Timers for Lights – You can easily sway intruders in your home if you set up a few lights on timers. Having these on in different rooms at different times can help it appear as if someone is in your home.
  6. Don’t Invite Intruders – Keep all photos and travel plans under wrap until you are already back home. It’s a new and very common practice for intruders to monitor your social media pages to know when you won’t be home.
  7. Paper Security – Any important documents or files in your home should be properly secured in a safety deposit box and/or fireproof safe. Just in case something does happen, it’s helpful to have these safely protected.
If you think any of your customers might be traveling for the weekend, share these tips with them. Also, find some articles about driving safety and cooking safety. Help keep your customers protected by keeping them informed.
Source: PCIAA

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