History | SIAA

The Original Master Agency

The SIAA concept began in Southern New Hampshire in 1983 when founder, Jim Masiello, created the Satellite Agency Network Group (SAN Group) which became the first, “Master Agency.” The idea was to create a, “Master Agency Profit Center” with the resources of Masiello’s independent insurance agency. Masiello’s goal was to address the needs of smaller, local agencies. It was apparent that many agencies were finding it difficult to be competitive and survive due to the lack of competitive markets, as well as, the lack of leverage with the handful of companies they represented.

In 1995, after the SAN Group proved it could give smaller agencies a larger reach, a group of insurance executives and consultants wanted to repeat this success. Together, they formed a pilot program and worked to lay the foundation of what would become SIAA.

Today SIAA is the nation’s largest alliance of independent agencies.